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As a movement educator, I am fiercely committed to my values  and willing to bring up difficult topics in the classroom and in my private classes. I aim to work with folks who are ready to ask themselves the deeper questions that shine a light on the habits and choices they make that no longer serve their best interests. It is through this work that we are able to get to the root of our pain and find ways to create more ease, joy and connection within our bodies.

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I love Sara’s approach to alignment yoga! Her cues and visuals have allowed me to get deeper into my practice. I find her classes more helpful than even the yoga teacher training courses I did. Sara is great for beginners and advanced students alike because of how she breaks down each movement without making it too basic. Despite having years of yoga practice under my belt, I feel like every class I have new take aways.

JoAnna Justiniano 

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Let me help you live in a balanced body.

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