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Like many before and after me, I started practicing yoga 20 years ago, and used it as a tool to help manage my anxiety. In the early days, I found myself seeking community and was drawn towards a Yoga practice that emphasized the physical aesthetics of the practice and pushed me to achieve what was falsely considered the ideal body shape. 


It wasn’t until I found a community in Krakow, Poland, that I was able to move the emphasis of yoga away from poses, exercise and toxic groupthink and toward all eight limbs of yoga. I started teaching alignment yoga in 2015. Yoga transitioned away from being a fitness practice and toward a lifestyle that allowed me to feel fully integrated and compassionate toward myself. In 2020, I started my journey with Yoga Therapy through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. In February 2023, I completed my certification and am able to support individuals who are looking to deepen their relationship to their bodies and minds as they transform pain and find more ease.


I am committed to the equity of all people and making yoga accessible to everyone. I have a pay-what-you-can model for members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities as well as aspiring yoga teachers.  




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I am not currently teaching classes through my website. My current public class schedule is listed below!

Tuesday 9 am 

JCC in Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN

Interested in hiring me to lead a private group or 1:1 session? Send me a message through the chat box on my site and let's get started!


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